What to Expect


As you enter the doors of Leventon Chapel Church, you will be welcomed into a friendly church open to all people, cultures and backgrounds who want to connect with God and have a life-changing experience. Our Hospitality Committee will happily greet you and provide you with directions. If you require special assistance, our ushers and nurses are prepared to accommodate you as well.

We are a bible-based, spirit-filled church committed to fostering to the needs of the total man. Our Pastor’s challenging messages are transforming lives and destinies daily. You’ll enjoy inspirational praise and worship music combined with traditional hymns for the uplifting of the soul.

If you are wondering what to wear, you’ll find worshippers clad in their Sunday best to those who prefer a more casual look. Hence, if your attire reflects a blend of modesty, humility and dignity – all pleasing to God, you’ll fit right in.

As a beacon of light and hope for the lost, we trust that you’ll find everything that God has in store for your life under our roof. We invite you to “Reset and Rebuild” with us! Wherever you are on your Christian journey, this is the place you can plant your roots and flourish!