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LC Missions

Home Mission ~ Outreach Mission ~ Foreign Mission

The primary purpose of this ministry is to serve others. There are three components to this ministry – Home Mission, Outreach Mission and Foreign Mission. The Home Mission and Outreach Ministries are designed to help members of the church, deprived individuals, or groups within the communities materialistically, financially and spiritually. We also conduct worship services at Greendale Forest Nursing Facility or Wilson House Assisted Living Facility on the 1st Sunday in each month. Through teamwork, we provide resources for in-depth mission and evangelism augmented by a hands-on approach to their specific needs.

The Foreign Mission makes the church aware of the needs of mankind around the world. It provides opportunities to reach out to other nations by financial means, volunteer work and individuals who may volunteer to go to foreign lands to work in ministry for an appointed time.

Our overall mission is to display the Love of Christ in Action and spread the gospel in our homes, in our communities and globally by creating outreach opportunities to connect with, care for, and serve people of all walks of life.